Project Codename: InstaGAN

InstaGAN (Working title)...(for now)....(but usually names made as a pun end up being the best).

I help run Game Audio North (GAN) - a game audio meetup for the North of the UK - organising events and keeping the social media active and engaging. We have a Facebook Page, a Twitter account and now an Instagram account as well. Pretty cool huh!

As a volunteer for GAN, looking after social media in my spare time can become all-consuming and overwhelming at times particularly in the lead up to one of our events. As a result of this, I have been struggling to find a real purpose for having and using our Instagram account. How can we make it work? This got me thinking.

I started to think about the 2 main social platforms that are working really well and have grown a lot over the last year and what their purposes are:

1. Facebook is where we engage with the bulk of the community and where the community engage with each other too, outside of the meetup events. We also have the more outward facing GAN Facebook page where we post all about our upcoming events.

2. The Twitter account is our platform for engaging with the world at large, the wider game audio and game development community and the place where loads of interesting articles and people generally are sharing wonderful things.

GAN 2nd Birthday Bash in Edinburgh. September 2017

GAN 2nd Birthday Bash in Edinburgh. September 2017

So, where does No.3 - the GAN Instagram -  fit in?
We've used it before but almost in exactly the same way as Twitter, which doesn't feel right to just be duplicating content without any real purpose. There must be some sort of angle that Instagram can cover for GAN and the game audio community that our Facebook and Twitter aren't covering at the moment.

To help me out with the thought process, I started saying out loud in my head ( oxymoron, I know) the words...GAN...Instagram...GAN Instagram...GANstagram (hmm maybe not)...what about InstaGAN. I often do this when I don't really know what I'm trying to achieve but it somehow makes thinking of something that requires some serious thought a bit more fun.

This is what I ended up concocting and posting into the GAN group on Facebook to see if there would be any interest:

Floating an idea out here onto the GAN waters...

Is anyone working on any personal projects at the moment? Maybe you are experimenting with some new recordings or sound design ideas? Maybe for your portfolio or even for a course.

If you were given access to the GAN Instagram, would you be interested in sharing little tasters of what you are doing, snippets of your process through a little collection of images and video logs of development?

Codenamed: Project InstaGAN (Working title)

We're proposing that one person 'takes over' the InstaGAN for 2-4 weeks and does a few posts (or as many as they like) each week.

The idea is to have a focused period of time giving someone the spotlight to do what they like with (within reason of course).

Let us know your thoughts and if you would be interested in Project InstaGAN!

The initial reaction to this was great and we received about 4 or 5 messages from people each with a completely different idea or project they would like to document through this process!

I'm really excited to get this set up and rolling and seeing how people start using it.

Keep an ear out for updates here, here and here!