A stream come true

Stream on little stream of...indie (games)

Yes, that's right I've started streaming playthroughs of the Not A Book Club games. Why? I hear you ask...

...firstly, I would like to be able to archive a playthrough so it can be referenced again. Sometimes you play a game and there was this incredible section that is the defining moment of the game 2/3 of the way through and to get back here again you have to start from the beginning. Well, why not just record your playthrough and watch it back?...is the question I asked myself, I answered back saying, "Yes, good idea Dex!".

Secondly and most importantly is to give Not A Book Club and it's 'members' another avenue of engagement in between the meetups, and also allow those people who cannot attend the meetup physically in person a chance to get involved.

My intention is to play through the games without any commentary as I feel like that can be distracting. I would like it to get to a point where, with a good handful of viewers, myself or someone else who is playing the game on the stream would break up the sections of gameplay with sections of chat and critique about what has just happened in the game.

Expect the channel to grow in all the sophisticated ways you would hope it to, with all the overlays and more scrolling text than Sky sports news!...I had you for a moment there, you know Not A Book Club has more taste than that. ;-)

See you there twitch.tv/not_a_book_club