#GAN remembers 2017 & Chris Everett #InstaGAN

It's our first meetup of the year, so we thought we would reminisce about our top #gameaudio picks before 2018 gets too carried away with itself! Join us in Manchester Saturday 3rd Feb https://www.facebook.com/events/336029263473314/ …

We've made a poll in the Facebook group so people can vote and suggest their top game audio moments of last year. We'll be putting together a presentation of the top voted games of 2017 to discuss on Saturday 3rd at the start of the Manchester meetup...followed by the usual social gathering of audio people.


Chris Everett is the first participant of #InstaGAN, an 'Instagram Takeover' of the Game Audio North (GAN) account. Documenting process and progress on a game audio project.

Chris has been continuing to use #InstaGAN and has been posting some nice updates on what he is up to.

Find out more about his work here at chriseverettaudiodesign.co.uk

Here are some of the highlights of the week so far: