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Hey there, I'm Dexter...

...I am a music maker and sound designer for games, interactive media and animation shorts.
Making and implementing music for the smashing fun Smash Hit Plunder by Triangular Pixels out now on Playstation VR and some pretty darn fun animation shorts for the BEANO.

Nothing excites me more than bringing stories to life and, enriching experiences with sound and music...
...get in touch if you'd like to chat about your project, hear more of my work, or just want to say hello!


BEANO toons

(Songwriting & Music)



Sound Design, Music, Implementation

Smash Hit Plunder, the single and multiplayer PlayStation VR game you've been waiting for. Plunge yourself and your friends straight into a medieval castle that's yours to explore - or is it? Smash items, shake expensive-looking pots, and destroy everything you can see - just do all that you can to get your hands on that loot.

I was principal sound designer for the PlayStation VR title 'Smash Hit Plunder' by Triangular Pixels
Key responsibilities included:
• Developing all aspects of sound, e.g. UI, ambiance, foley, music, dialogue.
• Implementing these sounds and music into the game engine
• Composing the musical themes for the game, levels, modes and characters.
• Collaborating to create our Paris Games Week trailer
• Communicating with developers to prioritise workload
• Managing bugs within the reporting system

Smash Hit Plunder (4).png

What else do I do?



I'm a sessional lecturer in Creative Sound Design and Game Audio

This is at both London Southbank University and the University of Lincoln. I love helping students understand how to use sound and music in a non-linear, interactive and adaptive way.



Game Audio North is a non-profit event to support the game audio community through networking events, workshops, talks and more!

I help run Game Audio North (GAN)
Both practically – organising guest speakers and sponsors – and socially, e.g. running our Facebook and Twitter. My aim is to create an inclusive environment that builds relationships within the game audio community.

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If you are interested in joining our community, why not come along to our next meetup?


I founded a video game... book club
And it's called ‘Not A Book Club’ is a bi-monthly meet-up where we gather to critically discuss our thoughts on a chosen game. 

This discussion group provides people from all different backgrounds with an interest in games with a place to review titles in a focused (and fun!) way.

Find us on Medium, make friends and keep up to date on the Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter for updates on all things Not A Book Club, gaming news and interesting games to look out for.

Not A Book Club meeting to discuss 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons'

Not A Book Club meeting to discuss 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons'


For fun…

Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sound Re-design